CMAYA Overview

CMAYA – Multiply your potential with endless possibilities!

When there is enough freedom to stretch one’s wings, reaching skyline would pose no much challenge. CMAYA is about such a freedom in your hands so that you can spread your wings and escalate your business to never before heights. A first of its kind focussed ISP software; CMAYA cleverly visualizes your business requirements and walks you into a new realm of control that you thought impossible till this very moment.

As CMAYA takes full control of your routine and repetitive work, you can reallocate your valuable manpower on core attributes that scale up your competency. From enquiry management to billing and renewal, CMAYA has end to end modules that can automate the entire workflow. As it is built exclusively for ISP business model, you can associate employees with roles, departments and regions in order to define hierarchy and geography at one level, which will align the work-flows and user accesses perfectly. With the help of intuitive reports and analytics, CMAYA can keep you informed about every minute development and help you take crucial decisions with confidence. And ultimately, with a full-fledged front-end user interface, CMAYA also establishes an excellent self-service platform for your customers, which can add to your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What will excite you more is the simplicity to get CMAYA up and working for you. Since it is solely based on SAAS model, CMAYA doesn’t beat your budget at all; as the installation, maintenance and security are managed by us directly. This means you are saving on the capital outlay and infrastructure, untroubled by the server maintenance and security concerns and on top of all, getting only what you prefer the most i.e custom picking the modules that suits your needs.

If you are an ISP and skyline is what you aim for, the next best thing to do is to give us a call. We are more than happy to meet you and demonstrate how CMAYA can prepare you for a big leap!

CMAYA Application Screenshots

There are 3 main applications in the CMAYA suite.

CMAYA ensures that your interactions with your customers happen in the most cordial and convincing way.

Through CMAYA’s spontaneous and uncluttered interface, you can quickly add and access information, analyse feasibility and assist the customer till a fruitful conclusion of a service request.

With CMAYA, renewal becomes a fully integrated process. CMAYA has the intelligence to give you an overview of renewals done, heads up on the renewals approaching, and remind about the renewals pending.  In addition, it presents compelling payment options and an efficient self-serve platform that will encourage your customers to renew on time. It also handles package upgrades and downgrades with utmost convenience to your subscribers.

CMAYA is planned to give you customers, not just sales. Thus is the Customer Care component that hands over maximum credibility to your customer care staff. In short, CMAYA simply uplifts your customer care standards by means of its simple but intuitive interface, user friendly operations and in-depth information arrangement.