Mobile App

CMAYA Mobile Applications – Extend your business to the edge of mobility

CMAYA ensures that your business has no pause when it comes to agility and user experience. CMAYA’s mobile applications are meant to push your company into the frontline of mobility by making you an early adopter of this crucial medium. Through these applications, what we ensure you are the following advantages.

  • Helps you stay face-to-face with your customers, anytime, anywhere.
  • Makes every interaction simpler, secure, and measurable.
  • Adds transparency to payment flow, and prevents chances of leakage.
  • Cuts down manual interventions in your operations and chances of errors.
  • Promotes a self-service attitude among your customers.
  • Re-iterates your customer service and user-friendliness as a service provider.

CMAYA Mobile App Screenshots

There are 3 distinct mobile applications in the CMAYA suite.

Helps you to proactively track and manage service requests and complaints.

Helps you to achieve great control on payment and billing by efficiently managing renewals and upgrades in a secured environment.

Enables a ground for quick interaction with your customers where they can avail your services more conveniently.