Billing & Renewal Tracker

CMAYA’s Billing & Renewal Tracker is a powerful application that can take charge of the payment and renewal process, and provide you with a very transparent view of payment being collected. This application adds convenience to your customers, accountability to your collection staff and of course, great control to you from a bird’s eye view.

What it does?

Through this application, your collection agent can see a list of assigned pick up or renewal requests. The agent can then use the application to collect the payment and provide an SMS acknowledgement to your user instantly. The application also allows the staff to instantly upgrade an existing package. The payment can be collected in as many diverse ways as possible, such as cash payment, credit card or net banking payment, or even a cheque payment. Once the payment is handed over to the agent, the subscriber will be sent a SMS acknowledge of the payment just made.

What are the features of this application?
  • Allows the collection agent to view the pickup requests and pending renewals as assigned.
  • Payment collection status update with pre-set options and custom comments.
  • Multiple payment options such as online payments, cheque payments or cash payments.
  • Handles both renewals and upgrades with balance transfer calculation.
  • Real time payment update on the server.
  • SMS acknowledgement to subscribers while collecting payments.
  • SMS acknowledgement to alternate mobile number possible.
How does this application accelerate your business?
  • Helps to assign pick-up requests and monitor progress of collections.
  • Being at the top of your business, you can see how collections are happening time to time.
  • Blocks every chance of mishandling of money, as the app instantly updates the server and sends acknowledgements.
  • Ensures that the customer is happy and confident about the whole process with the help of multiple payment gateways and instant acknowledgements.
  • Removes manual intervention and chances of errors in the most crucial component of your business i.e. billing and renewal.

Mobile Billing App

There are 3 distinct mobile applications in the CMAYA suite.

Enables a ground for quick interaction with your customers where they can avail your services more conveniently.

Helps you to proactively track and manage service requests and complaints.

Helps you to achieve great control on payment and billing by efficiently managing renewals and upgrades in a secured environment.