Customer Self-serve Control

The Customer Self-serve Control is powerful application that can boost your customer relationship to go a long way. The application provides freedom to your subscribers by providing them an intuitive platform to serve themselves. This application can manage the service requests, payments, package renewals and other interactions between you and your subscriber in a secured environment.

What it does?

This application helps your subscribers to request support, make renewals and payments online and see the subscriber’s profile information. The app accommodates multiple payment options such as credit card, net banking, payment pick up requests etc. The user can also see the last five payments made. Service requests or complaints can be placed over the app and it also allows the user to track its progress. The latest usage history and the subscriber’s profile information are available for reference.

What are the features of this application?
  • The application has simple and user-friendly layout and prompt validations which keeps the user in control of what he or she is doing
  • Renewal options and payment options with multiple payment gateways available
  • Subscriber can make a pick up request.
  • Launch a new service request or track the previous request
  • View payment history upto last 5 payments.
  • Subscriber can view his/her profile information.
How does this application accelerate your business?
  • By providing an end to end tool to your subscribers, you are scaling up your business in terms of customer service and business management.
  • With this application, you are allowing freedom to your subscribers; hence they will feel more comfortable with you as a customer-friendly company.
  • Removes manual interventions and thus brings more transparency to the interactions.
  • The app works as an offline marketing channel to you.
  • You are always connected to your subscribers. Important communications can be passed on very easily.

Customer Self-Service control

There are 3 distinct mobile applications in the CMAYA suite.

Helps you to proactively track and manage service requests and complaints.

Helps you to achieve great control on payment and billing by efficiently managing renewals and upgrades in a secured environment.

Enables a ground for quick interaction with your customers where they can avail your services more conveniently.