Customer Service Manager

CMAYA’s Customer Service Manager Application turns your customer service into a more managed and well monitored process. Having this application in hand, your staff can be in control of their work and pro-actively get the service delivered to your customers on time.

What it does?

The application provides a list of pending service requests and complaints assigned to a support engineer. The support engineer can view the service requests and send updates real time. The app then provides a comprehensive overview of the service request/complaint and predefined options to update or close the ticket with a custom comment.

What are the features of this application?
  • Helps the support staff to view the assigned service requests on the go.
  • Helps the engineer to update the server about the current status of the service requests as it is being resolved.
  • The engineer can add a new status, close or re-assign the service requests.
How does this application accelerate your business?
  • Helps the support staff to be on top of the task they are assigned to.
  • You can monitor the status of service requests and take actions appropriately.
  • Keeps your operations more systematic and well-connected.
  • Helps to serve your customers proactively.

Customer Service Manager

There are 3 distinct mobile applications in the CMAYA suite.

Helps you to achieve great control on payment and billing by efficiently managing renewals and upgrades in a secured environment.

Enables a ground for quick interaction with your customers where they can avail your services more conveniently.

Helps you to proactively track and manage service requests and complaints.